The Top 10 Payment Options For Online Casinos

April 26, 2017 Posted in Deposit Options by No Comments
1. Paypal
With a name like Paypal, it has come to be one of the most trusted ways to pay online. When paying for any kind of services, your Paypal account acts like a bank account and transfers money from your account to the merchant. It is hassle-free and all you have to do is enter the amount to pay and then send it. This is all you have to do when visiting online casinos who accept Paypal.

Very reputable
Trusted payment source

Customer service is hard to get ahold of
They can freeze your account without prior notice

2. Neteller
When it comes to the e-wallet industry, Neteller is among the best of them. It has come to be trusted by many online gamblers. You can easily make deposits, receive rapid payouts and security that is uncomparable.

Fast transactions
No fees

Not available in the US or Canada
Account setup can take a while

3. MasterCard
Being known worldwide, Mastercard is a trusted source of payment and is a world leader in many transactions that occur online including online casinos.

Rewards program for purchases
Fraud protection

Data theft
Accumulating debt

4. Zimpler
Since it’s first appearance in Sweden in 2016, Zimpler has devoted a huge amount of time to providing gamblers with a fantastic option to make deposits into their casino accounts. Zimpler is available via mobile so you can make deposits on the go.

Mobile options

Not available in the US
Account charges

5. Skrill
What it comes to online gambling, Skrill is among the many that are reputable and used widely among online casinos. This easy to use e-wallet is quick and hassle-free when it comes to transferring money.

Encrypted Deposits
Accepts many currencies
Option of a prepaid Skrill Mastercrd which allows you to withdrawal casino winnings at any atm.

It is not widely used or recognized by many online casinos.

6. Cheque
Although a check can be used to make deposits, it is not the fastest form of payment unless it is an electronic cheque. This is because it can take a while for funds to transfer from your bank and into your online casino account. This can make the option inconvenient for many gamblers. The up-side to this is that if the casino you play at the most doesn’t offer deposits by credit cards, then the check option will be your best bet.

Cheques can be processed online electronically

Insufficient funds to cover the transfer for deposits

7. Visa
Visa shares the same characteristics as Mastercard. It is very reputable and secure and is highly used by the mass population to transfer funds. Visa is also a very common source to use for the deposit of funds at many online casinos.

Ease of use

If used too often, it can cause your credit score to plummet.
Possible transaction fees.

8. Bankwire
Bankwire is a great alternative to using a credit or debit card to fund your online casino account. Using Bankwire is a fast and safe method to receive your funds. Depending on the location of your online casino, Bankwire fund transfers can take up to 2 days to complete. Depending on how early you conduct the Bankwire will determine how long it will take to receive the funds, so the sooner the better if you want your funds in one day.

Fund transfers can be immediate depending on the timeframe of your wire being sent.
It is a safe precess because funds have to be available for the wire to happen.

The main risk is ensuring the online casino is a reputable recipient for the funds as it is hard to determine who actually received the funds.

9. Echeck
Echeck is utilized in the same manner as a regular check except it is processed electronically. Many of the top online casinos have this option available to fund accounts. This is why many online gamblers prefer this transfer option.

Allows anonymity
Decreased amount of fraud
Decreased amount of human error

Must wait for the Echeck to clear
The payment can be disputed
It can easily bounce

10. EcoPayz
Another e-wallet called EcoPayz is another highly accepted form for funds transfers. Not only does it allow for the normal e-wallet functions, but also includes the option of a prepaid debit card called ecoCard which allows the withdrawal of casino funds.

Option of an ecoCard prepaid debit card
Supports 45 different currencies
Fraud protection

The ecoCard option is not available for U.S gamblers
International gamblers outside of the UK experience higher fees