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20 no dep fs + 180 free spins + 100% bonus

Casino Room Review About Casino Room Casino Room’s history can be traced all the way back to 1999 before online gambling was even a concept that appeared in real world...

Casino Room Review

About Casino Room

Casino Room’s history can be traced all the way back to 1999 before online gambling was even a concept that appeared in real world conversations. Someone might have imagined it but the security of today’s online casinos or even regular stores had yet to become a permanent fixture online. Many people feared that they would lose personal credit card information if they used an online casino and even if a casino managed to secure itself, in the late 1990’s the speed of the Internet just hadn’t caught up with most gaming sites. Thankfully a site called CasinoRoom survived the early 90’s through a mix of quality gaming that matched the technological achievements of the time, generous payouts and bonuses, and a passion for gambling online that exists even to this day. A visit to Casino Room is always memorable for those that share this same passion for wagering.

When you visit Casino Room

Every gambling site has its own unique look and feel. Casino Room is no different, but it the design does go out of its way to make itself both appealing visually as well as easy to use in its interface. The site is a comforting sky blue and white, making it tidy and relaxing to look at. This is especially important in games of skill where it’s necessary to keep a level head while gambling. Another backdrop might have been distracting for visitors but you can count on Casino Room to always have one of the most relaxing backgrounds on the web for those who are serious about their gambling. Free bets are handed out left and right.

Bonus & Promotions at Casino Room

Bonuses and promotions are the heart of any online casino. Cash doesn’t grow on trees of course ,and people love to get a fair shake to do well online. Casino Room gives a healthy portion of bonuses and promotions to those who sign up for play. Free spins, such as 20 spins currently, are standard offers at Casino Room. For new players, there’s often a doubling of the deposit so that you have a huge head start as you set off for glory. Another frequent promotion is money matching. For example, you might get 100% of your $500 deposit, meaning that you double your chances of winning here. Loyalty is rewarded as well. The longer you play, the more perks you receive at every twist and turn. There are so many games to choose from that you’ll be sure to find a little something for all of your many gambling moods. Their loyalty package includes a bounty of free spins, deposit matching, and much, much more. This is truly a casino that loves to thrill and delight its patrons with free bets. A no deposit bonus and other things round out the menu of great things to see here.

Casino Room Mobile Casino

It’s a fast-paced world and most people are frequently on the go. That’s nothing to worry about if you’re an avid Casino Room fan. The creators made sure to port their casino into a mobile platform to use on all major phone operating systems. Play on an Apple phone or an Android phone or even a windows phone and get the same great casino experience that you’ve come to enjoy on Casino Room thus far. You don’t even need to download a program. You just access it on your phone’s browser, which many people appreciate because in today’s world many people are moving away from apps into more browser friendly programs. No matter how you access Casino Room on your phone, you’ll get the same great experience.

Games at Casino Room

The game menu is often the most interesting and unique thing about any casino. Casino Room’s menu of games is a full on romp into the old and new that online casinos have to offer. You can head off to the Poker room to enjoy an assortment of poker games, take a spin on the roulette wheel, try your hand at the many versions of slot machines, or simply relax with a Blackjack. One of the perks of playing in Casino Room is that they make it very easy to find their games based on their easy to follow navigation menu. You can select from major categories like slots, poker, or roulette, or go on to the many themes that they have which include spots, movies, and action hero games.

The slot games are especially popular at Casino Room. You’ll find that there are literally hundreds of slot themes to choose from, each of them unique and some of them exclusive to Casino Room. Popular games right now include the Tipsy Tourist and Hook’s Heroes. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. The amount of slot machines in this casino is staggering and that’s great news for fans of slots. The spice of slots is their variety and Casino Room knows this. They have many festively themed games, from A Christmas Carol, to Age of Discovery, to At the Movies. There’s no shortage of themes for other games, too. The sky is the limit.

Deposit and Withdrawals at Casino Room

Casino Room handles deposits and withdrawals a little differently than most online casinos, but this works to its advantage as well. You can go with standard payment forms like Visa or Mastercard or use tons of other payment forms not normally allowed by other casinos. For example, many people who play use WebMoney, Skrill, and Trustly, three payment platforms simply not offered by the majority of casinos. Casino Room knows that to have a satisfying online casino experience, you need to have as many payment options as possible and they’ve pulled out all the stops to make this a reality for their customers.

Getting Help at Casino Room

Any online casino needs a strong customer service platform. Because so much money is exchanged through play, it’s essential that customers have a handy and quick method of contacting someone when there is an issue with anything. Casino Room takes good care of its customers by having a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer service system. You can contact them by phone during a limited set of hours, 2 PM and midnight, or you can contact them by mail or live chat when you need to. The most noteworthy aspect of their customer service platform is that they are extremely friendly and responsive. This isn’t lip-service customer service to get you off the line. They thoroughly investigate and resolve all issues that are reported to them and make sure that customers are happy at all times. They also welcome feedback on their games.

Casino Room is a Winning Casino

As a casino, Casino Room hits on all the major points of success. You can look forward to a great experience when you stop by this casino and make your first deposit. Look forward to a great loyalty program, a no deposit bonus, constantly updated games, and a customer service experience that leaves all players happy and winning. Stop by today to get started at one of the web’s most heavily traveled online casinos and see why this site has been around and delighting the online world since the year 1999.

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