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The Lab Slot is a video slot, making it very popular among online casino players. Elk Software is the producer of this and many other games. The game has 15 pay lines and five reels, making many different wins and combinations possible. The casino also offers a bonus to try the game out and free spins to see how it works. This game offers players the chance at real winnings and entertainment at the same time. It’s most often enjoyed by those in the United Kingdom, although anyone can indeed participate providing the platform is available where they live. The Lab Slot is available at many online casinos and is considered among the most popular of games.
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The Lab Slot is based on a science fiction theme. There is a vortex that gives the illusion of really being in another galaxy. The Periodic Table of Elements makes its presence as well as dazzling gems. They create a great escape from everyday life. People who enjoy slots will find this game both fun and interesting to play, due to its unique layout, great odds and many different winning elements. Once players become engaged with The Lab Slot, they will most likely be adding it to their “favourites.” This space time continuum sure to please even the most discerning of players, and appeals to a much broader audience than “silly” themes which have become all too common in recent years.

The betting scheme gives three different ways to play. The options are available are “booster,” which increases the bet each time there is a loss until there is a win and it stops. The “jumper” option increases one bet each time you win until there is a loss and it ends. The “leveller” option is similar to the “booster” option, however only increases after five consecutive losses, and raises two bets until there is a win and it ceases. The minimum coin size starts at 0.01, and the maximum coin size is six. The minimum coins per line are one, and the maximum coins per line are one. There is not a bonus game available on The Lab Slot, nor is there an auto play option. They do offer a multiplier, wild symbols and scattered symbols as additional ways to win. The player will most likely find the betting schemes to be convenient and helpful, as it takes much of the guess work out through the automation of types of plays that will create winning combinations.

The game does allow for wins with scattered symbols, and wild symbols as well. The chemical elements pay more than the gems. However, there are many different combinations for winning. The multiplier is an “X,” and “The Lab” is another wild symbol to hope for. The current jackpot for The Lab Slot is set at one thousand. They make the game exciting by offering a big jackpot, and they offer free spins play to try it out first. Once players become engaged, they will be having fun.

Overall, The Lab Slot is a great game. They give you a great way to escape the everyday boredom and even free spins if you want just to try it out before you commit to anything. The bonuses offered gives players a nice way to have an even better time by playing and winning more. The many different winning combinations kept players happy and attracted to the game, as it keeps them engaged. The theme and jackpot are also really nice, and a little less “cartoon” themed than other slots which can become annoying. Overall, The Lab Slot is a great game for everyone to try.

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