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If a player has ever played Taco Brothers slots, then they will be a huge fan of Taco Brothers Save Christmas. The main reason for this is because it is in a nutshell just a holiday version of the wacky title from Elk Studios.

What kind of Slot is it?

Taco Brothers Saving Christmas is a classic slot game that uses a lot of the same elements that a player of slots might expect from a classic slot game. This allows a player to get a much-enriched experience from their slot playing experience.

The amount of Paylines / Reels?

5 reels allows for a player to win with a total of 243 ways. This will translate to a significant number of potential winning combinations for a player. Depending on the amount that is wagered, will depend on the potential number of lines that the player could hit on. While betting on all 243 lines will increase their chances of hitting it big, it can also lead to a player losing it all on a few spins. One of the biggest draws to this game for a player is the free spins and the bonuses that the player can gain on a regular occasion.

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Game Story

The story is a lot like the original Taco Brothers. Peso and Pepe are back to save and reclaim the tacos and pesos that Captain Diaz has taken by force. This sets the player off on a wild game chasing after the villain all while hitting wild symbols and granting free spins to a player. These additional spins do come with a bit of a price as Captain Diaz can interrupt the additional spins if he appears during them. This leads to the player having a bit of excitement during their additional spins.

There are a lot of people that will see the large number of wild symbols that are part of Taco Brothers Saving Christmas slots. The most recognisable symbol that can be used to trigger the wild spins is the Taco Brothers logo. This along with the bell wild symbols will also trigger the additional spins bonus.

Free Spins / Bonuses

There is a way that a player can earn additional spins when landing on a wild symbol. Pepe and Peso serve as individual wild symbols that on their own can trigger a free spin session. There are also some other ways that this can happen including that of the senorita manages to free one of the Taco Brothers from jail after they were locked up. This allows them to go back to their position and as a result allows them the chance to start back where they regarded the free spin and bonus game. The multiplier that can range from 1x to 3x will determine how many times a player’s overall winnings will be multiplied.As a player can see, the winnings can easily add up for a player that is looking to gain a lot with as little risk as possible.


If a player has played the original version of the game, then they will see no big difference between the first version except for the fact that there is a distinct Christmas feel. And that allows a player to have a holiday feel to their slot play even in the middle of the summer. It is a fun game that gives a player a good chance if they play smart the chance to win big really. Never has there been a game that is so much fun it is good to see Elk Studios come out with another version of the game that incorporates one of the best times of the year. It is without a doubt a game that will garner a large following among the slot playing community. This will serve as a way for the Taco brother to run wilds yet again in another adventure and give a holiday feel to their latest escapades.

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