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Avalon II Slot bonus free spins

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Avalon II Slot

Avalon II is a Microgaming creation modelled after the original and popular Avalon game. What is the big deal about Avalon !!? Simple, it has bonus features such as 3D animation! Not only that, it has an additional eight features such as rolling reels, trailing wilds and three free spins! To name a few. With all of these features and more, has made Avalon II a huge hit in the gaming world. The basic premise of the game is it takes you on an adventure with King Arthur, along with the knights of the round table and Merlin, to go on a quest for the Holy Grail. The game is a 243 lines slot.

The quest for the Holy Grail starts with the main game and five reels. The playing card symbols help you get things started. The game is based on a 0.30 payoff. Jack and Queen give 0.06 and 0.15 respectively. 10 and nine will give 0.10 and 0.04. For a matching three, the payout is 0.60. The ace and king are predictably at the top of the pile by rewarding players with 0.30 for spinning four and 1.00 coins for five.

Avalon II slot bonu free spins

Next up are the characters that come with the game. Let’s start with the beautiful Guinevere. She gives 0.20, 0.80 and 6.00 coins. Then there is Morgan who will give 0.15, 0.60 and 4.0. The Black Knight is there in all his glory, and he will give 0.10, .60 and 2.00 coins. However, he is programmed to make players life as difficult as possible, by trying to prevent them from getting the Holy Grail. Then there is Merlin, the grand wizard himself. His contribution is 0.02, 0.30, 1.00 and 8.00 coins! However, hard to imagine this game without King Arthur himself. He is 0.02 for double, 0.40 for treble, 1.50 for quadruple and 10.00 for a full. Finally, if you get the Avalon II logo, you get 0.05, 1.00, 5.00 and a whopping 20 for the quadruple!

But don’t get lost in all the coin payouts, because this game is really about the Holy Grail bonus feature. Once you make it there, there are eight games waiting for you. The way you get the Holy Grail feature is to get at least three Holy Grail symbols on any of the reels. The journey will take the player through King Arthurs kingdom to retrieve the Holy Grail, and return to Avalon. The idea is to trigger the Grail feature a certain amount of times, which triggers more games.

The following are a list of bonus features that players can get. Legend of the lake where players try and forge Excalibur from pieces. The Misty Value feature, the place where the player chooses their wild. Number three is the Whispering Woods where one of five options can be taken. Fourth is the Forest Falls feature where you can get as many as 20 free spins. Next up is the Dusky Moors feature where two items need to be matched with the 12 that display on the screen. The sixth feature is the Morgan’s Keep where there are lots of opportunities to get multipliers. The Hall of Shadows comes in seventh where each move comes with a prize. The size of the prize depends on your ability attack or block. Lastly, the Isle of Avalon where wheels are spun to get the highest multiplier. There are four wheels in total, but the fourth one can only be spun if the player ends up getting a zero on the third.

The bottom line with Avalon II is that there is a lot of money to be made. To put it in cold hard numbers, the winning potential of this game 16,200 times whatever the stake is. With its amazing graphics, money making potential for players, and a theme based on an old legend is sure to make Avalon II a hit indeed!

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