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Review of About, founded in 2002, is an extremely welcoming online casino with various forms of play including video gaming, live virtual play, and Las Vegas-style table games....
Review of

About, founded in 2002, is an extremely welcoming online casino with various forms of play including video gaming, live virtual play, and Las Vegas-style table games. This online casino is also finalizing programming to offer an exciting and expanded selection of worldwide sports betting. Choices for this will include options from American football and baseball, to horse racing, fütball/soccer, and mixed martial arts fighting.

This casino is set-up to be accessible to players of all backgrounds and gaming entertainment goals. The format is simple, and the site’s pages are divided into clearly understood categories. Registration, account set-up, and site navigation is very easy, but what the casino itself offers is quite diverse. It is designed to accommodate the needs of players who want entertainment through simple video displays, or who want live interaction with like-minded gamers. is licensed and insured through the UK Gaming Commission. It is fully equipped to welcome UK and international players through coordinating agreements with the MGA of Malta. It utilizes software provided by Evolution Gaming, which is certified by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The EU recognizes and certifies that is a safe and secure online gaming environment for legal gamers who adhere to all casino regulations.

The Site

Upon first visiting the pages, gamers will notice an authentic red and black colour scheme, clear selection banners, and real life graphic displays. Many online casinos have a tendency to present distracting and even annoying page design schemes. This casino is not one of them. It’s layout is simple, direct, and perfect for people who want to get started playing as quick as possible without interruptions. The graphic displays on the page backgrounds are video clips from popular urban and casino environments, and indicate that this casino is genuinely directed to both experienced and new gaming enthusiasts.

On a first visit to the site, players will not have to search for portals to register. Automated help and task bars provide key information about setting up an account, or finding more general information about the casino and its partners.

At the top of the casino’s landing page, people are able to select from keyword banners. Even without an active account, visitors can peruse all of the games and betting offered. At the bottom of the landing page, information regarding the company’s licensing and profile are clearly outlined. This is also where visitors can select a preferred language for viewing the site’s displays and messages.

Once a game option, or other action is chosen from the main casino page, clear directions are provided to complete all actions. Once an account is set-up, loading, activating, and playing games is simple. is dedicated to making all aspects of virtual gaming on its pages accessible and clearly understood.

Bonus & Promotions

There are three types of bonuses that this casino offers. For first time gamers on the site, a welcome bonus is extended as a gratuity to help facilitate play. It is available for all players who successfully fill their registration requirements and make an initial deposit. Welcome deposits of up to ₤1,000 are available, and are equivalent to 250 spins on a select game.

The second bonus offered is a daily bonus. Presently, the Super Sunday bonus compounds a player’s single deposit by up to 50 percent, or ₤100. The way this incentive is activated is by typing a coupon code into the bonus code field on the deposit page.

The third type of bonus is a no-deposit bonus offered as a boost to gaming called the Prize Pot. For a selection of popular slot games, a jackpot is available to players who manage to win eight times in a row on the same game. The jackpot is a minimum ₤1,750, but is progressive and will grow by ₤250 each week if there is no winner. Multiple winners are possible with this Prize Pot. If this happens, the jackpot will be split equally between winners.

Mobile Casino is fully compatible with mobile devices. The key to successful mobile integration is providing current and accurate information to the casino. During sign-up, there are clear information fields provided for mobile numbers and country selection. If a mobile device is the preferred method of gaming that a player chooses, these fields should be completed with banking and phone services in mind.

This casino is very popular with people who commute, or who like to play when away from home. Many of the games offered are reliant on up-to-the-minute information. This works very well with the mobile interface services offered by The secure and powerful private servers and graphic sources utilized by this casino will match the live display and interaction allowances of any mobile device.

Live Casino

The inclusion of live game and sports options makes an online casino far more attractive than others. offers a satisfying variety of games that have life feeds, and real time jackpot growth potential. These games include classic Roulette, Three Card Poker, Casino Hold’em, Baccarat, Blackjack.

Live tournaments with real players are started instantly in regular intervals, so there is never any wait for an available table. All bonuses and jackpots that the general casino offers are valid in the live portals, but the real excitement comes from being live. Playing against the intuitions and experiences of other live players is vastly different than generated games, and mimics the intrigue and potential competition of playing at a table in a physical casino establishment.

These live gaming options also have attractive, friendly, and consistent live action dealers and moderators. They offer professional refereeing of games, and can direct players to resources when they have questions about the casino, bonuses, and all other aspects of play.


This casino’s games are divided into two general categories. They are classic and fantasy. Each style offers different play mode options, but have equal chances to win major jackpots. All of the graphics and sounds are supported by the full power of the casino’s software.

Classic games include cards and line slots. Classic card games are offered in both player-operated and live formats. One of the more popular game blocks for member players is the Redbet Poker portal. Fantasy games have inventive and original themes. They are offered mainly on slot style formats. The graphic displays and game music are vivid, fun, and contribute to a positive and user-friendly gaming experience. There is no limit to the amount of classic, fantasy, virtual, or live game choices a player can experience during a single session visiting this casino.

Besides participant games, sports betting is a popular choice. Deposits, odds, betting, and withdrawals reflect the action of live sporting events. The scope of the sports tracked by this casino is worldwide, so opportunities to bet and win are constant.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The casino employs the power of extremely modern internet communications technology. It is required by all of its partners and sanctioning organizations to maintain a gaming environment that presents little risk of information breaching, hacking, or mismanaged funds transfers. Though the site does generate cookies, they are only used to track and store information about enrolled players. Security and banking information however, is never shared.

Making a deposit to a gaming account is simple, but there are a few caveats. First, all currency exchange rates are valid, plus a 1.5 percent currency exchange fee. Deposit accounts that are used for other actions besides play on may be subject to accounting adjustments and fees levied by an account’s bank. Minimum deposits are ₤10, and maximum deposits vary from ₤1,000-10,000, or have no limit depending on the banking method chosen.

Withdrawal options on are designed to accommodate players from all parts of the world who have differing banking requirements. They are also manually approved only after a security and authentication check. For this reason, withdrawals of winnings can take from a few minutes, to 5 banking days depending on the electronic transfer banking choices. There are no fees for withdrawals, but there are maximum limits on some account types. These limits are ₤3,000-1,000,000.

Getting Help

There are two layers of support services on The first is program and listed help from automated guides on live games. This includes an exhaustive FAQ section and keyword link directory that are easily found on the main casino pages.

The other, is player-to-casino customer service. This service is staffed by actual customer service and support personnel, so it has the specific hours of operation of 1:00-17:00 GMT. This service can be contacted by sending an email directly through the casino page, or a personal account. There is also the option of calling a casino support staff member directly by phone. This number is subject to long distance fees, and there could be lengthy wait times.

Evoke Gaming Ltd.
85 St John Street
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Support: [email protected]
Press: [email protected]
Phone: +44 (0) 203 868 5810

This casino’s support services can answer any question that a player has from navigating the website, to understanding important information about money transfers. There are also options for services in various languages. No question, concern, or assistance need pertaining to this casino’s operation is beyond the scope of’s service staff. This team is available to make gaming, betting, and winning easy and enjoyable for all account holders and site members.

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